Intervju från Oriental Edition

Inga-Lill, you breed now such a long time, how began your breeding career. Was there any key situation?

I have my first Siamese cat 1973 she was a pet cat with a very bad temperament she vas 4 years old and neutered she was seal point. In the same year I bought a baby boy Djurgårdens Lord Ixior called Ixi, he had a very good temperament and he was also intelligent and very special. He’s father was San-T-Ree Dark Impala a very beautiful SIAn. Now I begin to go to cat show and think about to start breeding.
So next cat come to us 1978 she was also a cat from Djurgårdens her name was Djurgårdens Ziboro Silva SIAn 1979 was my breeding name Marilljos registered in Fife and the first litter was also born that year. From that litter stayed Marilljos Marielle. Silva and Marielle gave me babies with good type but with to high ear set and open eyes.
But Silva was mated with Iceberg Baccarat and got a very good litter with good top of head and also good eye shape from that litter we kept Marilljos Choco Don Juan SIAb.
In the meantime Marielle got babies with Ram-Tam-Ta´s Akilles SIAb and there we kept Marilljos Cleopatra SIAn
All this cat’s got cancer in a very early year. I don’t have anything left from this lines. When I was at a cat show to look for new cat’s my husband Arne phoned to Eva-Lena Andersson ”Dapper-Dillons” to buy a cat as birthday present for me. She didn’t have any kittens at the moment so she told him to call Britt Hagar Alvestad ”Hagars”.
She got a seal boy out of Hagar’s Merry Mexx SIAn21 and Shermese Angel Face SIAn. Soon was N Hagars Mr Bentley one in our family it was in October 1991.
He was a really classic seal point very beautiful and with a real mean look. To find a girl for him was not so easy. But in July 1992 we visit Björn Malmquist and fall in love with Ivanthe´s Nifty Nelly SIAn.

Which cats built the base of your breed?

Ivanthe´s Nifty Nelly and Hagars Mr Bentley ”Benson”.They got two litters and I have kept one boy Marilljos Little Blackie SIAn and from the next Marilljos Brown Cindy Caravan SIAn (that litter was born at a cat show outside in our caravan) Cindy was maited with Djurgårdens Donju Sonny SIAn outside he’s pedigree was my old lines.
They got four girls two of them sold for pet and two for breeding but I never got something back they where neutered early. Martinez de Ville was one of my favourite boy so big masculine and a very beautiful SIAn. He mated both Nelly and Cindy and they got four lovely babies Cindy three and Nelly one. Cindys boy Marilljos Duracell SIAn is in the cattery of Saddharma Michael Edström.
Today I have a daughter of Duracell and Nelly her name is Iza. Nelly also had babies with FIN. Ballawhane Damien SIAn and out of that my son and he’s family got Marilljos Kokomo SIAn, that was Nelly´s last litter.
Iza´s first litter was with N Chriar´s Morten Minstemann SIAn two SIAb one girl and one boy. The girl Marilljos Amarige lives in D Shiva´s Cattery Michael Gähle.
Iza and ”Leo” have had three litters, fourteen babies and Kokomo got two litters with eight babies. Most of them with good quality. You can se a few of them at pic´s here.
In the middle of mars this year came Tore v. Wiesenredder SIAn he´s father is A-Lang-Thai´s Indian Dancer mother Irina v Wiesenredder. He lives in a family near me and he is going to be neutered when he have done he’s work with my girls. He mated both Iza and Kokomo. Iza have four lovely babies but something get wrong with Kokomo she is neutered no babies.
Only a few day’s ago my new lovely ladies arrived Sweet Cat’s Chocolate Butterfly SIAb (Sweet Cat’s Fancy face x LongviewUBetter Believeit) and Sweet Cat’s Sweet Dreams SIA a21 ( Final Fantasy of Imajica X Shake My Heart de Kachghar) I’m very happy today I think I have a very good base to breed with.

Have there been any pointing problems in the beginning, did anybody help you?

Yes I got help from many breeders but most from them I have bought cat from.

You started with Swedish lines, do you think they are different in the phenotype to lines from other countries
I think that we got more ”top of head” and better ear set and maybe also better eyeshape from the English lines.

Which cats of the past had the most influence to your breed?

Ivanthe´s Nifty Nelly she is a ”real queen” She have given thirty-three very good babies It doesn’t matter who the male was.

A very famous cat you own is he Scandinavian winner D-Shiva´s Leonardo, what makes him so special?

He is so kindly against all people when we got visitors he is always in the middle and talk and love to be in a knee. He is a real character with a super expression. He has also given lovely babies, both in temper and type.

You bred already a Scandinavian winner yourself. Who was it and what can you tell us about the pedigree and the following development of the lady?

Her name is Marilljos Lady Be Good SIAn she is a daughter out of Ivanthe´s Nifty Nelly and Shermese Legacy SIAn. She was mated with Martinez de Ville SIAn but she got no babies, instead she was neutered.

What kind of feeling was that big breeding success?

It was a very special feeling I think I was up in the heaven for a short time.

You have bred many high quality cats till now, which proofed their good hereditary in other catteries. Which cats point out from these many in your opinion?

I think the cat’s out of Nelly and Legacy. Legacy lived at my place in a half year when he mated Nelly twice. He was a very handsome boy I really love him. They got total nine babies and out of that Dapper-Dillons Eva-Lena Andersson got Marilljos Lady Bat SIAn (sister of Marilljos Lady Be Good) who is mother to many good Dapper-Dillons cat´s. Klingeskov´s Kis and Mogens Österby had also a sister Marilljos Madonna SIA n Gro Skåltveit av Abrego had Marilljos Lady Kanga and Marilljos Error SIAa who went to Tuula Trozinsky.
Nelly and Dapper-Dillons ZZ-Top got four babies and one blue boy went to Tuula Trozinsky it was Marilljos Pavarotti. Out of that litter I had decided to keep a girl, but their was only boy’s.

Which critics were and are the decisive ones to use a male/ female in the breed. Are there special things, which are very important to you?

First temperament and of course a good and healthy type. I always look in the pedigree to see if I know any of the cats. I like big cats, and the eyes and ear set is very important.
I think that give ”the look”.

Tell us the three most beautiful cats.

It’s not so easy but I take three in my memory who I have seen in the last six month.
Sweet Cat’s Who’s That Girl SIA n she has taken my heart. Blue Heaven v Wiesenredder SIAa21 a strong, big and beautiful lady and La Bell Leo SIAn21 he has” the look”

Which breeders had the most influence in the quality of oriental cats?

A very difficult question I think there is many but I will say only a few  Shermese Cilia Simpson, Pannaduloa John Hanson, Sweet Cat´s Anne-Marie Huijbrecht, de Kachghar Martine Bureau.

Thank you for this nice interview.